Reshape exhibition launch the next opening in collaboration with Materfad, Materials Center of Barcelona

Reshape Exhibition

“Thermocromics & Asd Thermal Regulations”. Photo credits: Federica Ciccone.

The exhibition Reshape-17, hosted at the Disseny Hub Barcelona as part of “What’s next? – Materials that will shape the future”, will be open from 31/01 until 27/05.

As part of the technological surveillance performed by Materfad, the permanent exhibition “What’s next?“ highlights a selection of advanced materials that represent a breakthrough in design, engineering and architecture.  Since the last one in 2015, Materfad is presenting the latest edition of the International Competition “Reshape – wearable technology & programmable skin.”

The exhibition brings together the most valuable international projects presented for Reshape17, focused on wearables as prosthetic skins providing augmented functions and representing a new medium able to regulate the relation between our body and its surroundings.

Organized by: Noumena, IND(3D)USTRY, Fira Barcelona 
Sponsored by: Materfad, Marcelo Vila

More info. about the projects  and designers

Location: Disseny Hub Barcelona – Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, 37, 08018 Barcelona
Data: 31/01/18 – 27/05/2018

Reshape Exhibition

“Coral Love Story | Chapter #1”. Photo credits: Federica Ciccone.

Reshape Exhibition

“Be (in the) Water”. Photo credits: Federica Ciccone.


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